Hanger is a customizable hanger made of ash and steel with a triangular profile to respect the original shape of the clothe. It construction permits to play on a large palette of material such as wood, leather, fabric or metal. It can be easily removable for trip.

September 2015


Shades is a set of boxes / containers that plays with the intersection of geometric shapes, the contrast of different materials and finishes, creating a touch sensation and a visual volumetric game. Each item is composed by three elements: two identical pieces, one made of ash and the other of PMMA, both contain a frame inside which is made of painted metal. | |

March 2014


Signs is a collection of mirrors composed of two elements : a base made of ceramic and the mirror, made of a sheet of copper. A different finish on it permit to create a graphic game of perception, perspective and reflects. | | | | | | | |

November 2012


Prisme is a collection of lamps characterized by its geometric shapes defined by the four possible orientations. It is composed of two distinctive elements : the sheet of metal that contains the light system (led), and the base, made of ash. |

September 2012


Boat permit to organize and present our clothes and accessories in the manner of a valet. Depending on where you install it (hall or room), it dresses and takes life in several ways according to its owner. | |

November 2011


The Volcanic Casing is a « relay object » which can transport heat from a fire.
Can be used outdoors as indoors, The Volcanic Casing is consisted of only two common materials (lava stone and oak). Natural and inexpensive, they are simply machined and assembled which can also permit to have a humanitarian context for it use. The absence of obsolete electronic system makes it an object durable, fully recyclable, that preserves the environment throughout its life cycle. | | |
| | |
| |

September 2011


Cross Seating is a collection of furniture based on a simple system of assembling
wich permit to flip the sit and transform it aspect.
Recto : the sit is composed of ash.
Verso : the sit is recovered by mink fur. | | | | audimagazine

May 2011



Offer to the club members an object that reminds and symbolizes the journey that each capsules gives. Recalling with nostalgia our first precious gift, this wooden plane, symbol of travel and freedom, can only fly with a capsule that serves as weight Notice : this plane really flies only with capsule !

Workshop with Alexander TAYLOR | | |

February 2011


Miroir, a tray that allows to (re)discover and present the Nespresso capsules.
Embedded in a reflective surface, Nespresso capsules gives the
impression of floating in the air.

Workshop with Alexander TAYLOR |

February 2011


Loupe, a « discovery box » that participates in the awakening of the child.
Equipped with a magnifying glass and a millimeters grid, the child can observes what he found and what fascinates him in his garden with this tool : insects, flowers, stones...

Workshop with Xavier PERRENOUD | | | | | |

January 2011


Pile ou Face, to play while you make decisions during the childhood
Recto : the logo Christofle is conventionally engraved.
Verso : the logo is reversed.

Workshop with Xavier PERRENOUD | | | | | |

January 2011


This model is based on shapes of the symbolic watch of Audemars Piguet, while modifying it and giving an elementary and functional appearance. With the graphic work of engraving on its facets and on the movement, The Engraved Oak reveals its shape by subtle details that also deform it overall perception.

Workshop with Ronan BOUROULLEC |

January 2011


Ring, a jewel « incrusted » in the Harcourt glass.
Ring uses the shape of the original glass frame to transform it into a free movement ring. Made of crystal and silver, this ring symbolizes the soul of glass by its color, its mobility but also by the sound it makes when the glass is used.

Workshop with BARBER OSGERBY |

November 2010


Inertie, a pattern through a movement.
Applied via the technique of tournage, the pattern is painted directly onto the moving pieces. The impression of speed is translated through the discontinuous and freehand lines, creating a dynamic pattern. the instantaneous gesture is created with the use of the tour.

Workshop with Pierre CHARPIN |

September 2010


A model produced in the workshops of John Lobb.
Travelling is a model without laces for an instant use, intuitive with a shape close moccasins using the strong symbol of the model Richelieu on the side. | | | palaisdetokyo.compressdoc

December 2008


This wine cellar, in a pure and intuitive design.
Its curved front arouses curiosity and invites to the opening. Its contemporary interior is based in the style of the traditional cellars and respects the wine know-how with a unique display of vintage wines.

December 2008


A shelf that allows to (re)discover the capsules thanks to an tactile interface.
It recognize the warm of the coffee and through the Nespresso color code applied on the "waves", your own cup. | pressdoc

November 2008


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Jeremy Murier | Product Designer | Industrial et Luxury goods